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My clients get amazing results time and again. The secret is The RICH Method, a blueprint combining the perfect mix between emotional understanding and actionable strategies. Below are the steps we will take together to get you living a fulfilled life each and every day.

rich-rReframe. We’ll start by having you choose to view your situation or experience in a new light. This powerful technique will pull you out of the doldrums and get you taking the first steps towards a very happy and fulfilled life.

rich-iIdentify. You will then begin to gain clarity on what you want out of your particular life challenge. You’ll start to recognize patterns, increase problem-solving behavior, and expand your capacity to regulate your emotions.

rich-cCompassion. We’ll ease your distress and make sure that you are feeling worthy and whole. Confidence will continue to emerge as you love yourself and others more and more. You’ll start feeling like a hopeful kid again!

rich-hHappiness. The end result! You will feel proud about honoring your values, respecting your emotions and bringing delight into your life. You will be capable of handling life events with poise, calm, and with great intention.

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Are you leading a deeply satisfying life? If not, working through The RICH Method with Life Coach Renata Kulpa can help you achieve dramatic changes.

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“Renata, like no one else before, encourages me to work on myself consistently with great results.” – Carly M., Georgia

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