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Psychotherapy Anyone?

  For the last few years, life coaching has been my primary preoccupation. I have had great experiences with my clients, colleagues, and readers of this blog. The issues we focused on with many of my clients were often practical

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What Life Toxins Belong in the Mental Dumpster and Why?

Here is a short list of common Mental Life Pollutants: Yesterday’s resentments Angers Grudges Wounds Unforgiveness Limiting beliefs (“I am not smart enough”, “I would fail for sure if I tried that“)   They ARE clingy and stubborn.   They

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From Life Coaching Niche to Authority

 Hello and Happy New Year! I hope 2016 will be healthy, happy and prosperous to you and yours. For me, it started pretty well with one of the top life coaches in America picking mine as one of the most effective

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