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I have a crucial situation that I wish to resolve. What will coaching do for me?

There are many reasons that an individual or team might choose to work with a coach:

  • You have a challenge, opportunity or prospect that are crucial to you now
  • You have a choice to make that requires more clarity on your part
  • You are out of balance, confused and unable to make a decision about one, or many aspects, of your work or life
  • You are mentally exhausted from attempting to solve your current challenges by yourself
  • You want to accelerate results and receive feedback

How is coaching different from sharing with a friend, being mentored, or being in therapy?

Talking with a friend is great but your friends, like your family, want to give you their personal advice and tell you what you should do. Or, they don’t want to challenge you out of fear of upsetting your relationship with them.

A mentor will show you how the people who are really good at doing something do it.

Therapy, on the other hand, deals with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or a relationship between two or more individuals”. Psychotherapy often concentrates on people’s past.
  • Coaching does not delve in your past but focuses on where the client wants to go FROM HERE.
  • The primary focus is on creating plans for achieving specific goals in the person’s work or personal life.
  • The emphasis is on action and challenging person’s beliefs, habitual thoughts and perceptions.
  • The focus is on power of choice including managing our feelings and emotions around our decisions.
Coaching success can be measured in many different ways, such as energy “assessments that can be administered initially and at regular intervals in the coaching process, changes in the individual’s self-awareness and awareness of others, shifts in thinking which inform more effective actions, and shifts in one’s emotional state which inspire confidence”.
The ICF, of which I am a member, has an excellent article about coaching that this post is based on.
Can we speak prior to commencing coaching?


I believe that the product should be seen, touched and tasted. Until you, as my prospective client, experience what I do and who I am, you will not know how well it will work for you. I want you to trust that our relationship will produce the results that you need. It will also help me to decide if we are a good match.

You can call me at 228-313-5600 for up to 20 minutes of conversation, or email me at

For instant access by chat, email or phone click on the Live Chat button to the right.

Can I buy coaching for someone else?

Yes. A lot of people gift coaching to their loved ones. Even if you buy coaching for family or friends, I will speak with the client to make sure that it is OK for them.

Do I have to take time off work to get to your office?

No, most coaching is done on the phone or by Skype. The huge advantage of coaching over some other types of therapy is that you don’t have to leave your office or your house, or hire a babysitter. I am literally “a phone call away”. Sometime, coaching can be done in person, proximity permitting. To inquire about the logistics please click on the Live Chat button to the right to reach me by email, chat or phone.

Do you coach people currently undergoing therapy or treatment?

Yes, as long as your psychotherapist is informed about it and we work on different issues. I coach life moods issues but cannot help you if you have schizophrenia or any major depressive disorders. Those need to be addressed by psychiatrists.

Coaching is focused on where you want to go from here, not where you have been in the past. Therapy deals with your past.

I do refer my clients to a therapist if a significant psychological problem is discovered.
How many sessions will I need? What is the investment?

The number of session depends on your particular situation. The goal is to help you see results quickly. A recent research study concluded, “that six (6) life coaching sessions were sufficient to change how people think about their life” Your desire to change what you cannot tolerate any longer, or what you could improve, is your initial investment. Nothing will move without it.

Commitment in terms of your time and undivided attention during the sessions, as well as in between them when needed, is priceless and required since it is YOU we are talking about.

If your interest in being coached rests on the premise that you will be delighted by and push for lasting life changes, and that you would appreciate assistance from me or somebody else (preferably not), then you will view your monetary outlay as investment, as do I when I hire my coach or another expert in an area that I deem very important to me.

For more information on your monetary investment with me please view my services.

Can we do in-person sessions?

In-person sessions are available if location and proximity allow for it.

What methods of payment do you take?

I currently take payment through Paypal. You can also use a credit or debit card without signing up to Paypal to pay me.

Do you accept medical insurance?

At this time, no insurance companies cover coaching.

For many of our clients this is not an issue. In fact, most clients prefer not to deal with their insurance companies at all to avoid long- term stigmatization and labeling. Most insurances carry on with the antiquated notion of the mind and body dichotomy. If a person has low moods conditions, such as anxiety, depression, stress reaction, mood juice (even if situational, rather than chronic), your insurance will look at your claims fitting in their bucket of mental health, which is far removed from their “physical health” bucket. Your benefits may be lower than in the latter category.
Is coaching tax deductible?

It may be! If the coaching sessions support your business or career, it is possible you can write off the fees of your coaching. Please note this is NOT tax advice and you should consult a professional CPA or tax advisor before attempting to deduct coaching expenses. Invoicing available upon request.

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