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January 09, 2016

lifemoods_newspaper_1b Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope 2016 will be healthy, happy and prosperous to you and yours.

For me, it started pretty well with one of the top life coaches in America picking mine as one of the most effective niches in life coaching. I was thrilled to gain the recognition for my work as an effective life moods coach. Thank you, Tim Brownson


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Congratulations, Renata!
Your field is so important as it becomes more and more recognized that our internal moods affect the world around us, the decisions we make, and the outcomes that result. You help people with their search for an inner truthfulness that can steady their way through life’s random and unexpected tribulations.
Bravo and happy 2016 to you!


Steadying equals resilience, doesn’t it? Love your comments, Betsy. Thank you!


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