Personal Improvement is a House with Many Rooms.

April 11, 2013

the-room-for-improvement-is-the-biggest-room-in-the-worldI came across this great quote lately and immediately thought of a recent coaching client of mine. The client wanted my assistance with losing weight. While not obese or even significantly overweight, she has been concerned with her health and eating habits. She has had a couple of decade long relationship with this issue.

As a life coach, I operate from the premise that our subconscious programming determines our thoughts and behavior. People get the results they are getting, even the ones they don’t like, because of the power of their subliminal mind.

The subconscious mind wants nothing more than joy, happiness and pleasure. Being highly creative, it paints a story (emotions and images are a big part of all such stories) that leads us to lifestyles that it interprets as joy and happiness generating (overeating, drugging, overspending, risky sexual behavior, etc.).  Those stories are perpetuated even in the face of undeniable, irrefutable facts.

So, I took my client’s intention to seek my help with her weight loss as a clear sign that she desired to change (coaches’ dream client) and that the client was making room for improvement.  I believed that by having expressed what she wanted to no longer do (two decades of weight gain and loss), she was now ready to get clearer on what she did want to achieve.

On the way, we encountered the subconscious mind once more. This time it manifested itself in the form of resistance known as procrastination. Fear, doubt and perfectionism also take up residence there. My client’s resistance proved to be of a particularly obstructionist variety. It had her stalling and refusing to move toward the desired outcome. She quit at least for now.

I questioned her choice for a split second only. I have been questioning myself ever since. Could have, should have analyses followed in earnest until it hit me: The room for improvement is the biggest room in the world – and I AM IN IT! I am marching into my chamber of improvement intending to make a lot of whooshing noise.

What’s yours?

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Sensibly Selfish
January 17, 2014 6:57 am

Well written! Could have, should have? Who knows. The student was not ready. Yet you gained further knowledge. Well done you!


Trying, failing and trying. You know it! I know it!


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