What My Clients Have To Say

Renata is a wonderful coach, talented in so many aspects and very professional. I loved working with her. She helped me understand how my mindset, and the beliefs I was holding, were really creating my reality and everything that surrounded me. She showed me the difference between a lazy outcome and a fantastic one, and that it is really my determination to be happy. She held my hand trough the whole process. Thank you Renata from the bottom of my heart. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.

Erika F.Florida

Renata is incredibly intuitive and a great listener. Her caring nature shines through. As her client you feel heard and inspired to take action on things that trouble you. As a result of our interactions, I feel cared for but also empowered.

Martha Ellena S.Mexico

Renata’s personal journey through early hardships provides her the insight and compassion to help others face challenges and soar above them.

Germaine W.Mississippi

My mood has been low for quite a while now. I am irritable or anxious. I have been isolating and feeling very fatigued. I am currently being treated for depression and anxiety. However, I get most satisfaction from working with Renata. In our sessions, I learn coping skills to improve my mood. She helps me with my confidence and makes me feel better about myself.

Steven D.Florida

“Renata helped me recently when I was down about losing my job due to a layoff. She helped me gain clarity with this and gave me the strength to move on and expand my career in other ways. In our sessions together, she helped me realize that things were going to be just fine as long as I had the mental, emotional and spiritual clarity of the situation. We talked about the highs and lows of a new job that I was offered from many perspectives. Now I am glad to say that I am in a new position and that Renata helped me stick to my guns to get this job, as well as to better myself in the process.” -Eric O., Mississippi

I can’t say enough of what a great coach Renata is and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in redirecting his or her life. Renata helped me greatly in dealing with difficult co-workers. She helped me focus on what my responses could be in difficult situations, which ultimately changed the situation completely. With her guidance I developed the skill set to not “react” to a situation and how to better focus my energy on the positive. Once you make even a slight change in your energy towards one situation you’ll be amazed at the ripple effect it will help you in all areas. Renata is a strong guidance who remains stable and calm and helps you stay focused on what you hope to accomplish. I always enjoyed hearing the smile in her voice and was always up for a good laugh with her. She’s a great help in getting anyone on the positive track where they need to be!

Tracey B.Georgia

Renata has done a great job helping me put my thoughts and ideas into words, so that I’m able to reflect on those words often to remind me of what I want in my relationships. She provided an unbiased scaffolding to allow me to realize and interpret what I want in my career and my relationships. She provided tips on how to approach career goals (i.e. raise). Renata, like no one else before, encourages me to work on myself consistently with great results.

Carly M.Georgia

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