What Life Toxins Belong in the Mental Dumpster and Why?

February 10, 2016


Here is a short list of common Mental Life Pollutants:

Yesterday’s resentments





Limiting beliefs (“I am not smart enough”, “I would fail for sure if I tried that“)


They ARE clingy and stubborn.


They lead to many delusions:

“It is his fault”

“It is just pure coincidence that this happened”

Some things are simply a MUST

I have no choice

Your BENEFIT for sticking to those delusions is:



Mood shifts





…… All things that belong in the Mental Dumpster.

Empty your psychic dumpster every day, and if you need to, even several times a day. PURGE!

Feeling a little better already? Great!

Let me know if you need extra help collecting and disposing of your psychic waste!

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Such an interesting and complex topic.

…..mental garbage. I agree with you 100%. Get rid of it often!

By being programmed in a certain way it is easier not to escape nor change our behaviour and accumulate our mental “treasures”, “clutter”, our “stuff”. Comfort of the “known” makes us not very happy but more at home with ourselves.
The more we focus on our own feelings the more we slip to the “moody blues” and get angry,unhappy, grumpy…
Having a mission/focus in life seems to be helping with “inner demons”. When we are busy with things which matter to us, we tend to forget about wounds or grudges, and have a sense of personal satisfaction which elevates mood and a feeling of contentment.
Escaping from negative thinking, mindfully accepting moods, letting go…It’s kind of difficult but possible. It’s a ritual in a sense, depending of personality type- often very difficult. That mindfulness business ! Why no one was teaching us about mindfulness in the elementary school?
Now we can use our imagination to help us changing pattern of negative thinking by getting rid of just one negative thought a day.
For instance, imagine changing gears in a car. At first, you go slow, then go faster….later you have to be careful not to exceed the speed limit… I guess we can implement that into a “garbage” resolution….
I am not going to be angry tomorrow, no matter what!


What a lovely and spirited comment! I appreciate the time and effort you took to think through and share your ideas about mental garbage. Your comment about mindfulness as ritual really resonated with me. Most of us have rituals in our daily lives, such as perhaps preparing breakfast (trying to stick to neutral ones here) for the family. It is a ceremony that involves repeating certain acts in a certain way. If we can do it with breakfast, we should be able to do it with other aspects of our existence. As long as the thought and awareness enter the mind.

Salut to your new ritual – “I am not going to be angry tomorrow, no matter what!”
PS. The metaphor with car shift gears – lovely. I think it may not have quite the reach in North America. I’m just saying , as my wonderful Atlanta friend used to say.


Thank you Renata for your thoughts.
I have never been to Atlanta! There is something “site specific” about sayings. I love when people need just one or two words, and understand each other.

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Hello Italy,
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